Reyaisms 34543233


Reya’s teachers tell us she is not social at all in school. While not surprising, I realized today why she doesn’t have too many friends when she points to a boy in the park and says,” Mamma, I can’t play with him. I don’t even know this creature’s name!”.



Reyaism #45345334


TS and I play an eclectic range of music in the car. We’ve never realized how focused a listener Reya is, until this.

We’re driving Reya’s Vidya bua to a cafe, when Reya chirps up:

“Vidya bua, this is a song about temples.One aunty talks about mandirs, and that means temples.”

The song that’s playing…”Ajeeb dastan hai ye, kahaan shuru kahaan khatam, ye Manzilein hain kaunse, na wo samajh sake na hum.!”

Reyaism #3956834


Reya realizes that her nanny, Fahima aunty doesn’t understand English. So the child of three automatically shifts to Hindi while conversing with her.

Overheard today:

“Fahima aunty, ye game ka naam hai Snakes and Ladders.” Pause! “Matlab Saanp aur ladders”.!

Going private


I’ve had thoughts. I’ve had thoughts and ideas and stories that threatened to bubble over and explode my brain. But I’ve resisted posting them here. When I started this blog, it was meant to be a laugh riot, an entertainment zone, where I channeled my inner Amy Poehler! (Oh ha ha ha!) But lately, all these thoughts and ideas and stories seem to be either about the resident monkey in the house, or household woes…you know, the kid did this, the maid said that.

So I’m going private for a while. To collect the thoughts. To put the ideas into words that make sense, instead of what only a two-year old can comprehend.

See you on the other side.

PS: I do know that writing this post AFTER making the blog private doesn’t benefit anyone, except, well, my incoherent thoughts.