Snippets from the LONG weekend…

  • My first ever blog-friend meeting. Technically second, but I went on to marry the first blog-friend I met, so let us discount that. No, I’m not THAT dangerous. You can still meet me. So I met SMM. She’s cool, fun to talk to, and a great cook. And has a lovely house. And a neat kitchen. And I didn’t realize how the 2 hours flew. We chatted about home and work and friends and growing up and everything else under the sun. Of course beer featured too. Then we had yummy food and ice cream and then it was already time to leave! We’re definitely going to meet again. With husbands this time. Hoping they’l instantly connect over games and gadgets.
  • So the curfew at home is still on. TS did cheat twice by running away to friends’ places. But I did myself proud. Till last night…The in laws went on a too-short trip to Ujjain. Needless to say, we dropped them off at the station, and headed to India Habitat Center for some omelets, waffles and beer. Ah, bliss! I am eating only egg and drinking only beer, for the next two days. I have seriously decided to carry a water bottle filled with beer to office. Hic hic.
  • We indulged in a lot of shopping this weekend. A lot! Which reminds me, it’s the husband’s birthday coming up. What do you suggest I do to celebrate the birthday of a man who forgets my birthday every year? Seriously. If I give you his number and you challenge him to tell when my birthday is, he will hem and haw and mumble a bit. After whatever he answers you can most certainly say ‘Galat Jawaab’ and hurl a few ‘tsk tsks’ down his path.
  • Maybe I’l order a beer-shaped cake this time. You know implicate him a bit. Or send mom-in-law to the wardrobe where “The Stuff” is stashed.
  • Ok maybe I won’t. It is in MY wardrobe. Er…Umm.
  • Our Diwali cleaning has begun. Which means I have instructed the maid to clean the fans, doors, windows etc. Phew! A lot of work!
  • There are a LOT of comments I still haven’t replied to. Please don’t call me an arrogant bitch and please don’t stop visiting me. I’l stop writing and go reply right away. Seriously.

89 thoughts on “Snippets from the LONG weekend…

  1. wow!! I didnt know that you met TS through your blogs !
    Living on beer and eggs seem like a great idea -did you go to The American Diner at Habitat ?
    And I wanna wanna wanna have a blog meet too !! lets have one for everyone in delhi NCR region – any takers 🙂

    1. Blog and Orkut 😛

      Yup, the IHC one. Awesome food, no?
      Oh lets meet up then, no? I’m game 😀
      Do you know other bloggers in Delhi?

        1. 😀
          The curfew holds true only at home. And I will invite you over only after the curfew. We can still meet out 😉

  2. *Wow! Cool.. a blog meet! I wanna go too..!! swaram.. pls plan one soon. Super cool!! u married ur first blog friend!! 🙂
    *Lol @ carry a water bottle filled with beer to office
    *Would u like to dabble in some DIY??? I can suggest some easy gift ideas for the birthday.
    * So, the curfew is on till diwali?? Phew! thats a longggggg curfew. u are allowed to cheat girl!!
    *We do miss u.. so its ok if u don’t reply to comments.. But do post 🙂

  3. Lol……..I wish u happy omlet eating & beer drinking. I have a curfew too with the pregnancy & it’ll last for a long while. It’s tough. I so understand.
    Hey, my hubby’s birthday is also this week. So *same-pinch*

        1. lol! I am clueless too. And pretty dumb when it comes to creativity. All I did last time was buy him his fav Asterix series! Now buying TIntin would be too expensive 😛

  4. ooho!! so, you met your blogfriend, incidentally we also met on oct 2.

    //Technically second, but I went on to marry the first blog-friend I met, so let us discount that. //

    Oh!! 😉 😉 So nice to hear!!

    //What do you suggest I do to celebrate the birthday of a man who forgets my birthday every year?//

    Everytime it is forgotten, you giv eback something that will make it more memorable 😉 hope you get what i mean !! 😀

  5. Swagatham Suswagatham 😀

    U reply to comments or not, am gonna leave my mark here 😛

    Glad to know u n SMM met 🙂 Sounds like so much fun! Lemme check out her version too, what she hs written abt our Pyari Meira 😉

    So, Ujjain for them and beer for u – what a cool idea 8)

    Al the best for all the Diwali cleaning 🙂

    Advance wishes to TS 😛

    Pst pst whatz his number 😉

  6. Hey Meira, it was lovely meeting you too. And thanks for complimening my kitchen & my cooking. It didn’t seem at all like we met for the first time 😛

    And yes, we have to meet up with the husbands soon so they can do they boy-talk and we do our girl-talk.

  7. I think meeting Blog-friends is tricky business. You can never return home and blog about them in a manner that is not at least diplomatic.
    So how was it REALLY? Email us a private post 😛

    1. Hey I’m not that badddd…and Meira’s got to be nice to me now. According to her, I cook awesome non-veg 😛

        1. I offered to cook…that was me bribing her to come meet me cuz she was so starved for non-veg with her n-laws around 😛

  8. You met your mr right thru blog.. thats interesting 🙂 does he blog still 😉 😉

    ur wkend sounds fun with tempt lift of curfew. diwali cleaning reminds me get up and do something here as well.. no maid though 😦

    1. He stopped right after we started going out 😀
      Says now ‘he doesn’t need to’!
      Gosh! No maid is kinda tough. Here my maid offered to clean the house if I gave her a raise :O

      1. lol.. ways of demanding a raise.. but she is cool.. cleans your fan n all.. give him a raise sweetz.. she sounds like a gem.. keep them happy & engaged is one of the retention strategies!

  9. You met TS through Blog… Wow… and given your track record it’s very confident of him to let you continue blogging 😛 ROFL!!!!

    You have “Stuff” Stashed in your wardrobe…. Are your other stuff won’t smell of wine 😉

    1. ROFL! He himself left blogging though 😛
      That would be so cool, no? If my clothes start smelling of wine. Maybe I should unscrew the Absolut a bit 😀

  10. Hello!!
    glad this place is up and running…And you have
    a husband who reads comics!! one lucky girl!!
    does that include graphic novels too?

    Scribblers Inc.

    P.S.- Bloggers meet in delhi? Is it an all girls
    event or some private witch party? Lemme know
    if gatecrashers are entertained!! 😛

  11. TS was your blog friend?
    how super awesome is THAT?!

    tell story.. full details… all the err.. spicy titbits! 😀
    ok. only those which CAN be shread here!! :mrgreen:

    and no worries, I am also here to comment and spam away to glory!!

  12. I always feel people connect through blogs as minds have already met before our physical-self(s) has! 🙂

    A few of us would be meeting in Bangalore in December.
    Cheers to the blogging community!

    And I am so jealous now of people who have maids! 🙂


  13. LOL. You never fail to make me smile. Thanks so much. 🙂
    May be you should plan for another surprise waxing session. 😛

    errr.. okay ..I was kidding…may be a nice surprise trip; or a spa treatment something that will make a break from routine and PS2. isn’t it ?

  14. Wow! You met TS through your blogs? I guess that is the best way to know a person. You can normally make out their thought process, the kind of human beings they are and most importantly whether their sense of humor matches yours through what they write.
    Reading about your blog friend meeting I was kind of feeling envious and then I saw Preethi’s comment about a meet in Bangalore. I am so excited. Should get in touch with her 🙂

  15. you have a maid…sigh…i so miss my dilli days..

    and as for the curfew..i’m sure you are gonna come up with ways to break them, once the inlaws get back 😀

  16. Blog meet sounds cool! Curfew?Well, you have got to deal with it. For TS’ s birthday, buy him a parrot that reminds him of your birthday and anniversary every year;-)
    ARROGANT BITCH—–I guess we all should be proud of being that 🙂
    Usually assertive ladies are known as bitches ;-)…….by the male-counterparts ofcourse!

  17. I was going to comment saying “meira..popularity has gotten to ur head? ur ignoring comments”..but u promise to I ll refrain 😉

    Eeeks…u like beer so much?like really? I prefer white rum or vodka anyday, anytime! instructions to the maid to clean is a lot of work? Darling! U should come over to the us and live ur life!!!

    N I looooooveeeeee Diwali time [specially in Delhi!]..all the festivity and shopping n everything is awesome about it!

    Beer-shaped cake! Sure the inlaws will appreciate that 😛

    U met the husband on blog?Me wants to hear the love story!! Pls pls..pretty pls! n link to his blog pls?

  18. Wow! You met your husband through the blog! That is really cool 🙂

    My husband remembers my birthday but has no idea how to make it special! After nearly 9 years of marriage, I have given up all hopes 🙂 The beer shaped cake sounds very interesting 🙂 Am sure your in-laws would love to learn that about their son 🙂

  19. yes yes, me wants to hear the love story too !!!

    and while you are writing your love story, can I borrow your maid pleaseee pleaseee pleaseeeeeeeee ???

    PS: first time here !!

  20. Wow! Does your husband still read your blog? Mine doesnt at all(for good or for bad, whatever!)
    I so miss all the Diwali Hungama in India 😦 Been quite a while since we celebrated Diwali with the extended family.

  21. Wow, you met TS on blogs ? that’s so “movie like” 🙂
    still curfew at home? hmmm… Try to be innovative and grab some new ideas on cheating , that’s the fun part of curfew, isn’t it?

    Shopping, ohhh… that’s what I have been missing. And reminding of hubby’s B’day, mine is coming too. So lend me your ideas for hubby’s B’day. Them forgetting ours.. I think it is a universal married male feature.. becos mine does that too, to my B’day as well as our anniv..
    I am excited about Diwali too this time, just because it falls on a Sat this time, so I don’t have to be at office this time and wait foir evening for the festivities to begin.
    I just love this festival.

  22. 3 declarations to make-

    a. you are naughty…naughtiestest !!! LOL :))
    b. you are witty…wittiestest !! LOL again :))
    c. and beer-er !!! hehehehehe… if that makes any sense to you 🙂

    Hey and 3 cheers to you and TS for meeting and greeting and getting married thereafter 🙂 One of it’s kind na, ekdum filmy hai 🙂

  23. Your in-laws can take an extended break… tell them to further their journey till Indore..they can visit me and by that time you can chill with eggie and beer 🙂

  24. you have met a blog friend.. cool 🙂

    and pass on my birthday wishes to TS 🙂

    already started your work for Diwali… SIGH…

    me yet to think about it 🙂

  25. Orkut Se Dil Tak…. that explains ur and ur hubby’s love saga…..

    To make ur hubby remember ur birthday, tell him that if he forgets, you will wax his hairy leg again…. Yaad rakega, Sure!

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